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Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the topics below to answer your questions about our custom printed envelopes and manufacturing processes.

Can Love Envelopes warehouse our business envelope inventory?

Absolutely! Love Envelopes offers our customers an expansive 110,000 square feet of warehousing at our Dallas and Tulsa facilities. Inventory can be stored and later shipped at the customer’s request. Ask your sales rep for details.

What is meant by “converted” envelopes?

This refers to the processing of making a business envelope from scratch as opposed to buying off-the-shelf boxes of folded and glued envelopes. Most of our envelopes undergo a conversion process.

How do you correctly measure a window or envelope?

Always place the envelope in front of you with the flap at the top. Measure the height of the window first, then the width. The first measurement is always considered the height and the second measurement the width. This indicates whether the window is vertical or horizontal to the flap. The position of the window should be measured from the left of the envelope to the left of the window and then from the bottom of the envelope to the bottom of the window.


What exactly is a booklet or open side envelope?

This style of business envelope has the opening on the long side of the envelope.


What exactly is a catalog or open-end envelope?

This style of business envelope has the opening on the short side of the envelope.


What is a reverse flap?

The printing on the envelope is oriented so that the seal flap is at the bottom for normal usage. Some inserting machines specify this configuration for optimum performance.


What is an open panel?

An envelope window with no poly or other see-through material.


What is a security tint or inside tint?

A printed pattern or color on the inside of the envelope for added security.

What is a standard window?

A standard window must meet 4 measurement specs. The size of the window must be 1 1/8″ x 4 1/2″ and positioned 7/8″ left and 1/2″ from the bottom. If any one of these measurements is different, the window is considered to be special or custom.


What exactly is a bleed?

A bleed is a printed image or band of color that extends all the way to the edge of an envelope. If your artwork does contain bleeds, they should extend at least 1/8″ beyond the area to be printed.


What is indicia?

Indicia are distinctive markings printed on mail, used as a substitute for stamps or cancellations.


What is Flexographic printing or “Flexo”?

This is a printing method using water based, fast drying inks and photopolymer plastic plates. The plastic plate carries the ink and transfers it directly to the paper. Flexo printing is often done as an “in-line” process on an envelope converting machine.


What is the difference between a diagonal and a side seam?

Diagonal seams are configured with pointed or triangular flaps to create diagonal seams across the back of the envelope. Side seams are located at the side of the envelope and run nearly parallel to the side folds.


What is the minimum and maximum envelope sizes that Love Envelopes can manufacture?

The minimum size of envelope we can manufacture is 2 1/4″ x 3 1/2″. The maximum size is 18″ x 23″.

Do you have an FTP site for uploading artwork?

We have found an easier and more secure way to upload artwork on our Ordering Requirements page.